is a website with information aimed at the citizens of Beverwijk who have questions about housing, welfare and Wmo within the municipality of Beverwijk. The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with information and point them in the right direction if more information is needed.

Unfortunately, not all information is available in English.

Do you have a question about housing, welfare or Wmo (Social Support Act)?

We advise you to contact the social team of the township Beverwijk if you have any questions about housing, welfare and Wmo in Beverwijk. You can reach the social team by phone 0611 - 035327 of e-mail

Do you have a question about integration?

If you have come to live in The Netherlands for a longer period of time, and you are from outside the EU, you might need to integrate.

If you are obliged to integrate, you will receive a letter from DUO with the date on which you have to start your integration. You will have 3 years to integrate. This is called your integration period. You will have to take an exam after 3 years.

It is also possible to integrate of your own free will, voluntarily. You may choose to do so, when you wish to naturalize and become a Dutch citizen.

If you are obliged to take the Dutch integration exam, either you can learn for the exam by yourself or you can follow a course at a school with the specific “Blik op Werk” certification. On the website ikwilinburgeren.nlyou will find all certified schools. Only if you follow the course at one of these schools, you can borrow money from DUO to support your tuition costs. More information can be found on the website of DUO. More information in English on integration in The Netherlands can be found here:

Do you want to learn Dutch or improve your Dutch language skills?

Whether you need to or want to integrate, or whether you would like to improve your Dutch language skills, it depends if you have a payment or not.

If you have a payment, you can contact

or by phone 0251 - 228591. The library knows where to be in Beverwijk and will help you find the best options.

If you do not have a payment, you can contact

  • Inova / Edinova. More information can be found here:
  • Township Beverwijk, consultants integration/payment. By phone 0251 - 256256.